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Introduction to Counselling Workshop

Have you ever considered a career in counselling but not sure if it is for you? 

Why not attend our workshop.  The aims of the workshop are to:

· To explore what is counselling

· To introduce the different modalities of counselling

· To discuss the necessary qualifications needed for counselling and how to find a course that is right for you

· To explore two key aspects of counselling training: self-awareness and personal development

· To experience a taster by partaking in some self-awareness and personal development exercises


Our training is offered from 10am—3pm - Dates for this course are TBC - please inquire if you are interested.




Course fee £50.00 plus £10 Registration Fee

Venue: RASA Education Training Centre, Bootle L20 4TZ

For further information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel: 0151 5581801

To book a place please complete the attached enrolment form and follow the instructions with regards to payment.

Enrolment Form

Course PDF


We are here to help you through this, towards recovery, wellbeing and independence. 

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